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Now featuring the following premium citrus:

Valencia Oranges.

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  The California Fruit Depot is located just off of Highway 58 at the southern end of California's San Joaquin Valley outside of Bakersfield California. We are one of California's smallest fruit packing facilities specializing in growing and shipping premium quality ORANGES AND MEDJOOL DATES.

       Our delicious ORANGES are locally grown on our family-owned farm in the tiny town of Edison, California on the outskirts of Bakersfield. Our southern San Joaquin Valley location is regarded as a one of the most ideal citrus growing climates found in the world. We believe the premium oranges we grow in our Bakersfield / Edison location are some of the sweetest Navel oranges you will ever taste. America's best eating orange will be available in late November, at this time they are still slightly tart , but December and January is the perfect time for our juicy navel oranges, continuing into April/May. Each beautifully polished piece of fruit is inspected at least five times, then carefully hand-packed into our beautiful, sturdy, greetings box, protecting it until it reaches your front door. Don’t be satisfied with ordinary 30 day old, supermarket fruit, or so called bargain gift fruit any longer. You can give and receive something worth remembering!

        Our fresh crop of Medjool dates are here and ready to ship to your door. Medjool dates make a wonderful gift for any occasion! Our Medjool dates are grown in the near perfect desert climate of Southern California known as the Coachella Valley to provide you with the sweetest ,most succulent and full-bodied Medjool dates available.

"Wow!" is what you'll say after your first bite!

 Our Shipping Policy

     The California Fruit Depot is dedicated to shipping the finest fruits and nuts grown in California. We will not ship any oranges until the flavor is considered "WONDERFUL". You might wonder what type of equipment or chart we use to establish our rating. The answer is simple; we measure the sweetness of our fruit by taste. We do grow several different varieties of citrus and sell them to our commercial customers, but we only ship our premium grade fruits to our online customers.
    Our shipping schedule varies from year to year, and we usually start shipping around the first of November to insure our fruit is at the peak of freshness and flavor. You are welcome to order and demand shipment on your schedule, but trust us, the time of year our fruit is shipped makes a big difference in the taste.Most orange shipments and gift packs will be shipped VIA UPS. All 11 lb. boxes of Medjool Dates will be shipped VIA UPS also. We make no warrantees about the condition of the product at the time of arrival. We will ship out fresh fruit that is ready to be enjoyed.

REMEMBER we always strive to ship the day after the fruit is packed. (Mother Nature sometimes changes this policy when rain and holidays get close).

TO SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADRESSES: Click "Checkout with Multiple Addresses" below the orange "Proceed to Checkout" button in your shopping cart.

New Online Shopping Cart

     The California Fruit Depot is proud to announce release of our new online shopping cart. The new cart has greatly improved our online ordering process and is the fastest method of submitting your order to our store. Simply fill out the form fields and choose the quantity and product(s) you wish to order. Hit the submit button and your order will be electronically expedited to our store!